RT-Thread OpenSource RTOS v4.0.3 Released!

Created at 2021-01-07 17:29:35

We are thrilled to announce the release of RT-Thread OpenSource RTOS v4.0.3 at the beginning of 2021.

RT-Thread RTOS 4.0.3 Release Highlights


  • Add the global macro definition of RTTHREAD
  • Add options of algorithms for user stack
  • Improve the stability of process scheduler in UP and SMP systems
  • Clean the resources before the current thread exits.
  • Fix bugs on kernel timer and IPC
  • Fix the issue in delay_util()
  • Remove invocations of rt_system_object_init() and rt_system_tick_init() in kernel
  • Remove the configuration macro RT_USING_FINSH



  • Add support for Device files in DFS
  • Update elmfat to R0.14 patch 1
  • Fix existing issues

Network Relatives

  • Improve the SAL component, add the configuration option
  • SAL_INTERNET_CHECK to enable or disable network state check
  • Improve the AT component to support multiple network cards. Fix the issue of memory leak in some scenarios
  • Improve the DHCP feature
  • Fix existing issues

Driver Framework

  • Add the interface rt_pin_get() to PIN drivers
  • Update the RT-Thread PM framework to version 2.0
  • Add more manufacturer types and customized commands support in sensor drivers
  • Improve the USB framework. Fix the issues about USB HOST driver and device recognition in MAC OS
  • Fix existing issues


  • Add 15 BSPs for STM32 series
  • Add 25 BSPs for non-STM32 chips
  • Improve the drivers for STM32 BSPs
  • Improve the loogson BSPs, add more drivers
  • Improve raspi4–32 BSP, add drivers of DMA, BSC, DSI LCD/Touch, waveshare SPI LCD/Touch, Watchdog, HDMI, SDIO, GPIO interrupts
  • Add READMEs in English for BSPs commonly used abroad
  • Fix existing issues

Development Tool

  • Add Studio IDE dist features for STM32 BSPs
  • Add C++ support for Eclipse objects
  • Keep the user-defined lib configuration after the execution of --target=Eclipse
  • Optimize the process to generate rtconfig.h by running scons --menuconfig
  • Update building.py and add the option tackanalysis
  • Fix the error in makeimg.py when running in Linux

Download RT-Thread v4.0.3 source code

Read Full Release Notes!


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