What you want to see at RT-Thread IoT OS Global Tech Conference? Let's Talk!

Created at 2021-07-19 11:05:54

Let's Talk!

What do you want to see at our Conference this Sep 16-17?

We need your input to help us create a conference that is impactful for you.

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15 Answers
ShivamGupta 2021-07-25

Hello Team,
Shivam Gupta, Embedded Systems SWE from India.
First I would like to congratulate your community on this open-source project.
I have read some of the articles regarding RT-Thread.
I would suggest, there are some popular RTOS already there.

  1. INTEGRITY® RTOS (I`ve used this for many RT systems in Automotive Industry.)
  2. FreeRTOS (I have used it for IoT projects.)
  3. VxWorks Customized (I have used it for Power systems(IoT)).

So, If you can add how you differentiate between all other RTOS, features, power-saving, and also add some use-cases that would be great.
Because people will only adopt once they know the benefits of RT-Thread.
Along with that if you add, what are your future plans and support for that.
So definitely more people will adopt it, and maybe people can start using RT-Thread in their hobby project and then will also recommend it in the industry.

And thanks for giving us a chance to win A RISC-V-based IoT board.
Even I`m a full-time employee and also teach students in India regarding embedded systems.
Even I don`t have a RISC-V-based board right now. So If I get it definitely I would use this board to teach students about RISC V & RT-Thread.
All the Best Team!

xiangxistu 2021-07-19

what benefit that the software packages can bring to me, What do i should to do?

StackYuan 2021-07-19

I'm happy to see China has grown up such an embedded opensource rtos with a lot hard work,good job :)
I'm awating for more demo on industary use, such as CanOPEN or EtherCat or so..
Pls do it quickly!

LiangMengQi 2021-07-19

You can hardly find a better embedded real-time operating system than RTThread,I support RTThread.

davidticker 2021-07-19

IoT and RT-Thread Software Packages ecosystem.

flyboy 2021-07-19

The latest development of rt-smart

whj467467222 2021-07-19

How easy could it be to control the Internet of Things with this little board?

来一颗糖 2021-07-19

very goooooooooood!

RTThread_IoT_OS 2021-07-19

Software Packages
Industry Opinions
Contributor's Project on RT-Thread

GeR 2021-07-19

I would like to see more live examples of RT-Thread OS robots on real systems.

JacobThomas007 2021-07-19

Waiting to get an idea about porting,and also to know how easy it is to switch existing applications to RT thread framework. So that we could migrate our exiting application's...

simonovic 2021-07-20

It would be interesting if people from RT-Thread could talk about how they developed whole RT-Thread OS

reyhan_fisika15 2021-07-23

Introduction and why choose RT-Thread RTOS, project ideas, some real example of RT-Thread projects...

RTThread_IoT_OS 2021-07-31

Thank You All for the participation, we've looked at all these great ideas and suggestions and we feel so grateful to have your support! Look forward to seeing you at the conference and see what we make for YOU!

And. Congrates to ShivamGupta for the Giveaway Winner of A RISC-V-based IoT board Bluetrum AB32VG1. We'll contact you for the shipment soon!

Hope You All Have a Great Weekend.

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