Share Your RTOS Experience/Project with us! Let's Talk!

Created at 2021-08-16 11:15:32

Share Your RTOS Experience/Project with us!

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Comment right now to be in a chance to win A RISC-V-based IoT board Bluetrum AB32VG1.

The winner will be announced on August 31.

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9 Answers
Kalilo 2021-08-16

I used FreeRTOS in some simple projects, among them "Smart House Management" by monitoring and controlling some sensors and actuators.
I wish to learn more about RT-thread RTOS and I think that the Bluetrum AB32VG1 board will be a good start to explore both RT-thread and RISC-V MCU core.
Thank you

ShivamGupta 2021-08-16

Nice one!
I am using RTOS since 2012.
I`ve worked on FreeRTOS during my college days for many real-time and IoT Projects.
one of my favorite projects was Battery Management System for Electric Vehicles. In which I have worked a lot and learned so many tweaks about RTOS.
That was my awesome experience, in which I was writing functionality code on RTOS and building a bootloader using bare metal and assembly.
Nice question, It reminds me of my old experience with RTOS.
Nowadays, RTOS is very popular in Electric, Autonomous Vehicles, also in real-time IoT Projects.

wojstod 2021-08-18

I've used FreeRTOS and Micrium RTOS in several projects. I'm considering other options as “BadAlloc” vulnerability was discovered this year: .
Many RTOSes are affected (i.e. FreeRTOS, Micrium) but RTThread is not mentioned. Does it mean RTThread is not affected or it was not tested? I also found that among other RTOSes RTThread has been statically checked in 2018 by independent tool: and several errors found. Are these errors corrected now?

diwanker 2021-08-31

I have extensive experience on microcontroller bare metal development board, especially with ARM architecture. Ported different board low level device drive, RTOS on other bare metal board.
Have excellent expertise in board bring up, low level driver and bootloader.
Have worked with RTOS like FreeRTOS, ThreadX, and also have some exposure on Unicos , Linux Kernel, Linux internal and Linux device driver.

Looking to port & explore Open Source RT-Thread RTOS and build some motor control application on top of it.

RTThread_IoT_OS 2021-09-02

The results are in! Congrats to wojstod for winning this GiveAway.

Thank you all for sharing your ideas with us.
Stay tuned with OpenSource RT-Thread IoT OS, more GiveAway activities are around the corner!

We'll contact the winners for delivering the dev boards!

PS. RT-Thread IoT OS will holding a Free and Online RT-Thread IoT OS Global Tech Conference on Sep.16-17.

We welcome you to come together to exchange ideas, showcase projects, identify solutions, discuss future strategies, and provide mutual learning opportunities on a wide variety of topics.

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wojstod 2021-09-13

Nobody contacted me sofar:(

wojstod 2021-10-05

The whole month passed and nothing was sent to me!

wojstod 2022-01-27

No board has come so far. I'm great dissapointed

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