[SOLVED] Not compiled for Allwinner D1H

Created at 2024-07-05 14:51:55

This question also published in github issue https://github.com/RT-Thread/rt-thread/issues/9063

Not compiled for Allwinner D1H.

I like this project but can't build for Allwinner D1H on Sipeed Lichee RV board
I use compiler https://github.com/RT-Thread/toolchains-ci/releases/download/v1.7/riscv64-linux-musleabi_for_x86_64-pc-linux-gnu_latest.tar.bz2

I was trying:

On Master or v5.1.0:

1) bsp/allwinner/d1/ - not compiled looks outdated

board/board.c:45:5: error: unknown type name 'rt_mmu_info'
   45 |     rt_mmu_info mmu_info;
      |     ^~~~~~~~~~~

2) bsp/allwinner/d1s/ - not compiled

/mnt/hgfs/allwinner_d1/rt-thread/components/dfs/dfs_v2/filesystems/devfs/devfs.c:68:30: error: 'struct rt_device' has no member named 'ops'; did you mean 'fops'?
   68 |             else if (device->ops && file->vnode->ref_count == 1)
      |                              ^~~
      |                              fops

On v5.0.2:

3) bsp/allwinner/d1/ - not compiled looks outdated

board/board.c:45:5: error: unknown type name 'rt_mmu_info'
   45 |     rt_mmu_info mmu_info;
      |     ^~~~~~~~~~~

4) bsp/allwinner/d1s/ - compiled, but no output to UART.

After I forked v5.0.2 and added:

After this changes board started and shown out to UART.
But loading frosen in rt_thread_mdelay function in files

  • bsp/allwinner/libraries/drivers/sdmmc/drv_sdmmc.c
  • bsp/allwinner/libraries/sunxi-hal/include/hal/sdmmc/osal/RT-Thread/_os_time.h

Chnage it to rt_hw_us_delay and is finnaly looks like works:

 \ | /
- RT -     Thread Smart Operating System
 / | \     5.0.2 build Jun  9 2024 17:11:05
 2006 - 2022 Copyright by RT-Thread team
hal_sdc_create 0
card_detect insert
Initial card success. capacity :15200MB
sdmmc bytes_per_secotr:200, sector count:1db0000
not found partition of mbr, construct sd0 at offset 8M, size:0xffffffffb5800000
[D/FAL] (fal_flash_init:47) Flash device |                  sdcard0 | addr: 0x00000000 | len: 0xb6000000 | blk_size: 0x00000200 |initialized finish.
[I/FAL] ==================== FAL partition table ====================
[I/FAL] | name       | flash_dev |   offset   |    length  |
[I/FAL] -------------------------------------------------------------
[I/FAL] | download   | sdcard0   | 0x00800000 | 0x00800000 |
[I/FAL] | easyflash  | sdcard0   | 0x01000000 | 0x00100000 |
[I/FAL] | filesystem | sdcard0   | 0x01100000 | 0x00c00000 |
[I/FAL] =============================================================
[I/FAL] RT-Thread Flash Abstraction Layer initialize success.
Hello RISC-V
msh />Mount "sd0p0" on "/" fail
msh />
msh />

This my changes https://github.com/RT-Thread/rt-thread/commit/ec2c0f10894bca703354e7e1d4c23fbaed5a034b

Please could you make it compiled properly in master and figure out what happened with SDMMC driver?

I can maintain D1 bsp, can create pull requests.
But since I’m not an expert in RTT, someone needs to review it. My current solution to just replace thread_delay to hw_delay doesn't seem quite right.


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ylyamin 2024-07-06

Update: For D1s it was solved by Polarvid user with Pull Request https://github.com/RT-Thread/rt-thread/pull/9142 to Master, hope it will be approved. It is easy to reuse in D1H also.

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