RT-Thread IoT OS Global Conference 2021

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RT-Thread IoT OS
Global Tech Conference 2021
A Two-day Journey to Real Time IoT RTOS and respective ecosystems.

Writer: Muhammad Sami Uddin Rafay

RT-Thread IoT OS Global Tech Conference was conducted by RT-Thread on 16-17
September 2021. RT-Thread is an embedded real-time Operating System which was
developed in 2006. Rt-Thread was first developed for real-time embedded systems processing
and development. Today, Rt-Thread enabling Home Automation, Energy efficiency,
Automotive and Medical electronics, AI and more. RT-Thread supports a large number of
embedded system device market around the world by leveraging its cool functionalities. I am
one of the active participants who enjoyed and learned a lot of things during the conference.
Resource: https://www.rt-thread.io/
Day 1 – Opening Session
On the 1 st Day Opening Session, the RT-Tread Team host Jacob Beningo welcome the
audience and spread the agenda of the day, introduced to topics and guest speakers and also
announced very exciting giveaways.
The talk started with Introduction to RT-Thread IoT OS for embedded and showcasing the
key features of RT-Thread IoT OS like Resource constraint devices, rich components and
fast-growing ecosystem, Easy to use and code, Scalability, High performance and cross
platform support and resources like documentation, supported boards, software package and
Moving on the topic of STM32 ecosystem, I came to know about board Supported Packages
for different series of STM32 boards, RT-thread studio configured with software packages
and components resources simplify the development complexity, customizing STM32 IoT
boards, RT-Thread programming book for STM32.
The RT-Thread support for most important and famous Arduino boards was introduced by
speaker Wang Gang describing Arduino features like Flexibility, easy-to-use,
inexpensiveness, open source and RT-Thread initiatives in Arduino ecosystem like RTOS
Kernel, Hardware Drivers, Device Framework, Log Utilities etc. easy prototyping with
Arduino and discussed different architectures, hardware and software for Arduino. Wang
Gang also introduces with RT-Thread Architecture for Arm based Arduino Microcontrollers,
RT-Thread involvement, working and device Framework with Arduino and concluded with
RT-Thread complete gateway to Arduino.
Continuing the session with Ma Jianjia who introduced the quick start Topic with RT-Thread
IoT OS “How RT-Thread Can Improve your Embedded System Projects” as RT-Thread

Studio allowing project creation, management, code editing, SDK management, RT-Thread
Configuration, build configuration, debugging configuration, downloading and debugging,
free community version, Embedded C/C++ support, Code editing and refactorization, easy to
use project startup wizard, graphical configuration system etc. All these features of RT-
Thread Studio make it easy for developers to build embedded prototypes within minutes.
Research and Achievement of RICS-V for Embedded MCUs was very impressive topic of
RT-Thread Global Tech Conference as we get to know how RISC-V helping manufacturers
and designer to implement their hardware ideas in an easy way by providing open
instructions set.
Micro Python ecosystem on RT-Thread, in this session the audience introduced with the RT-
Thread Micro-Python IDE and how to implement RT-Thread concepts in Micro-Python for
IoT Projects.
Day 2 - Opening session
In this session, RT-Thread Smart was introduced as an Open-Source Micro Kernel OS for AI
and IoT to build and secure applications and easy to setup and use. We also get to know how
NuMicro M2354 Series supports RT-Thread Ecosystem to enhance IoT Security.
Securing Internet of Things with PSA Certified session explained audience about security
certification scheme for Internet of Things (IoT) hardware, software and devices. The session
guided the participants the road map of PSA certification.
Robot Operating System (ROS) on RT-Thread, Building an Embedded Webserver with RT-
Thread, sessions were very informative as these topics comes under RT-Thread development
tools and these topics surprised us about RT-Thread popularity, spread and ecosystem in
today’s technology development.
Leading AI at the Edge: In this session we were introduced with RT-Thread AI Kit for
embedded machine learning applications and how we can deploy machine learning on very
own tiny edge devices using RT-Thread AI Kit.
A Crash course building reliable software also delivered to the participants for better software
development understanding.
Rust For Embedded Development, in this session the speaker pointed out the features of
RUST programming for reliable and efficient embedded software development. Here are few
important features like high performance in case of speed and memory utilization, reliability,
productivity. The most important feature of RUST programming in Embedded Development
is Security of the systems.
During the conference RT-Thread giveaway so many hardware developments boards to the
participants to encourage them to develop RT-Thread based IoT applications at the edge. You
can follow RT-Thread Social media platform for more giveaways to come. Facebook ,
Twitter , Linkedin , YouTube .

I learned a lot about RT-Thread ecosystem and impressed by its unique functionalities and
collaboration with other hardware manufacturers, embedded and IoT security ecosystem. I
would recommend all embedded developers to get hands on expertise on RT-Thread IoT OS
and build reliable and secure applications at the edge of IoT.
I would like to thanks all Organizers of RT-Thread IoT OS Global Tech Conference for
giving us insides about RT-Thread IoT OS.


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RTThread_IoT_OS 2021-11-08

That's incredible, thank you Sami for taking us back to the conference, every session was amazing and impressive. And we're so grateful to have you and all community developers who supported us to make this happen.
See you at the 2022 RT-Thread IoT OS Global Tech Conference!

RTThread_IoT_OS 2021-11-08

We're sharing the recorded videos on RT-Thread YouTube Channel: https://youtu.be/Xe9YDeiRQjA

If you missed out on the live event, you can still watch the replay via the link.

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