What got you into Programming?

Created at 2021-04-25 13:08:29

I learned C programming during my 1st semester of college later in my semester holidays I learned a embedded c with arm micro-controller. I was amazed to see how I can control hardware with software then I did a lot of study and got into Programing since my 1st semester vacation.

Let me know what got you into programming......
I will give 10 points to the answer which seems interesting.


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OldCrow 2021-10-03

I begin at 9 years old(I'm now 45), on a ZX SPECTRUM, I didn't have many games, so I wanted to understand how to do games, so I could play more.

From there I learned Basic -> Z80 Assembler -> Pascal -> C (my true love) -> C++ (not so loved.. sometimes hated) -> C# -> and many assembler flavours (ARM, MIPS, PIC...)

I love low level, so I work in kernel, drivers, bare metal...

rcp 2021-09-29

When I was admitted to the University in 2005, I didn't know what major to choose. My neighbor's relatives were professors of the University. My father invited the professor to dinner. The professor suggested that I chose the computer major, so I embarked on the road of programming. Later, I found that this major was really suitable for me. It's wonderful.

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