RT-Thread Studio IDE Upgrades into v2.0 to Support More Kinds of Projects!

Created at 2020-12-14 15:58:59


WE ARE IN DECEMBER and 2021 is just around the corner, we are so thrilled to release RT-Thread Studio V2.0 before the end of Dec 2020. First things first, we want to thank RT-Thread community developers who contributed their time, energy, and talent to help RT-Thread Studio progress by giving us feedback, great suggestions, and 100% supports.

RT-Thread Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) was launched in 2019, with a powerful graphic configuration system and 270+ out-of-box software packages and a wide range of components resources. All of this offers a way for developers to simplify the complexity of software development. Now let’s head to New Features of RT-Thread Studio V2.0!

-General Project Wizard
V2.0 provides General Project Wizard to support more platforms, frameworks, boards, examples and libraries.

-Support remote J-Link downloading and debugging.
In the process of debugging via J-Link, some RT-Thread community developers have feedback that some equipment they are debugging has potential safety risks, for example carrying high voltages, which makes remote debugging necessary. This version of RT-Thread provides remote downloading and debugging supports. Connect J-Link to the machine and start the JLinkRemoteServer, modify the debugging configuration on the local machine to specify the IP connection mode and IP address. After this, you could control the remote J-Link to download and debug programs from thousands of miles away.


-Simple way to view Dev Board details
In previous versions, the details and the documents of the dev board only present while creating a project. After project is generated it is very inconvenient to track these resources again. Now an entry for viewing the development board details and documents is reserved in the project, double-click can easily to check out all the details.


-QEMU supports network simulation
In v2.0, STM32F4 QEMU network simulation is available, making it possible to develop network applications without the STM32F4 development board at hand.


-Support Rebuild
Sometimes we need to clean the project and then rebuild the project from a fresh start. In previous versions, we needed to perform two steps in sequence. Now we only need to click the Rebuild button on the toolbar, to carry out the entire cleanup and rebuild process in one step.


-RT-Thread Studio IDE V2.0 supports 270+ RT-Thread software packages in English


Download it Now!
Note that even if you have installed RT-Thread Studio before, the new v2.0 needs you to download a fresh one from RT-Thread website, you are not suggested to internally upgrading.


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Thank you for sharing.

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