LVGL Demo on RT1060

Created at 2022-07-21 05:42:18

Hello All,

I am building the LVGL music demo on Linux and Mac.
In both cases I can run fine the app on QEMU for ARM.

My build for RT1060 generates fine a elf file. But when I try to flash/run I get IMPRECISERR error.

Even a small apps (deselecting LVGL and LCD drivers) I get the same result.

So far I am using MCUxpressoIDE flash loader to transfer the file to the RT1060 board (empty project pointing to the elf file in the Debug profile). The flash loader seems to be doing its job. A potential issue is the elf vs. axf format. Some forums claim they are the same, other otherwise.

Anyways... I would appreciate if someone has built RTT under Linux and successfully flash/run the built App on RT1060. I would appreciate the git commit hash for a successful experience as well as what tool was used for flashing the app.

Thanks in advance,


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varanda 2022-07-21

I forgot to mention that LVGL demos built on MPUxpressoIDE works fine.

varanda 2022-07-22

I am still working on the Demo but at least now I can flash my code to rt1060 as following (thanks to Fabian Näf):

Segger J-Link SW tool connects but requires a License. The work around was creating a dummy virtually empty MCUxpressoIDE project and point the executable to be the desired elf file and disable auto build. It flashes my code fine (much faster than LinkServer). Debugger works fine and automatic locates/loads the real source files.

The only drawback is that we need to power the board as the USB power does not work with Segger's firmware installed in the board bootloader.

My conclusion: .axf is not .elf as some forums claims. LinkServer does not load .elf. J-Link does work fine for .elf

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