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Oh, you can look for AI packages.

We have a framework about deep learning, I think the module about voice recognition should handle by yourself. RT-Thread have useful tool to help you to developer, more information could get form here

If you want to get voice driver, you can find "voice" driver. You can get example in the “bsp” folder, you can find it out.

First, you should turn on DHCP in configuration. The DHCP function will not be compiled in source code if you turn off DHCP in configuration. So code will work failed.

You should turn on DHCP in configuration. Use "dhcp_stop" and "dhcp_start" in the user code to control DHCP state.
In the "netdev", you can use "netdev_dhcp_enable" to control DHCP state.

There are user documents about "netdev", you can get some useful information form it. netdev Doc

RT-Thread use lwip to regard as tcpip prototol stack. So, you also can read EEPROM to get static ip ,and startup lwip.

At the same time, RT-Thread have "netdev" to manage "netif" in the lwIP. Therefore, you can use serial terminal to change the lwip dhcp state.

"netdev_set_if" and "ifconfig" can configure static IP address in the runtime.But you need make sure the "netdev" that your are using is not under "DHCP" state.

This is origin code : ifconfig

If you want to define a terminal command by yourself, the command can store IP address into EEPROM. You can use MSH_CMD_EXPORT_ALIAS and MSH_CMD_EXPORT to exprot user command(functions) to terminal.

Best wish to you.

if you use "netdev" and "lwip", you maybe caught this problem.

Because both of "lwip" and "netdev" have defiened "ip_addr_t".
You should notice the driver of the enc28j60, make sure "netdev_ipaddr.h" and "lwip/ip_addr.h" can't be included at the same time.

what benefit that the software packages can bring to me, What do i should to do?